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Active Message Threads for November 2019

2019-11-27 16:30:33
Hi All, I'm on FreeBSD 12 using gcc8. I'm receiving some errors during compile that might be due to changes in gcc8 from pervious versions. It might be an old version of libedit with gcc8 causing the issue: gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I.. -O -Wall -pipe -g3 -c vi.c vi.c:920:74: error: macro "__weak_reference" requires 2 arguments, but only 1 given extern char *get_alias_text(const char *) __weak_reference(get_alias_text); ^ vi.c: In function 'get_alias_text': vi.c:920:43: error: expec… [more]
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Md Monsurul Huda (mmhuda)
2019-11-25 02:22:37 - 2019-11-25 13:11:40
Hello, I am a graduate student at the University of Memphis. I have been using sac for my study for last seven years. I was running high sierra on my macbook pro. Recently after installing mac os catalina while running sac I get this error message: " “sac” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified". I have tried to run it several ways but it doesn't work. Can you please let me know how I can run sac on mac os catalina again? Thank you for your help. With best Regards Md Monsu… [more]
Bijayananda Dalai
2019-11-19 15:07:47 - 2019-11-19 23:37:14
Good evening sir.I am Bijayananda Dalai from India,currently works as ph.d research scholar at CSIR-National Geophysical research institute,Hyderabad .I have a very small query regarding sac data manipulations(cutting).However, my raw data sets are of sac format that consists of day file(one raw sac file/day/station) and i donot know more about sac files in which portion of the waveform the earthquake is recorded. i just want to apply receiver functions on my raw data sets.For this, data needs … [more]
claudia pavez
2019-11-19 21:19:30 - 2019-11-19 21:23:44
Hello everyone, Probably a very simple question. I already install sac for mac (El Capitan), and almost everything is working fine. However, I cannot use the "ls" command (for example to use a list as input in setrfslow or hk) SAC> ls ERROR 1106: Not a valid SAC command. There is some way to fix this problem? Regards, Claudia
Guilherme de Melo
2019-11-18 10:16:58 - 2019-11-18 22:02:30
Dear, Someone know how can I change or remove the OMARKER value in header? I will be very grateful for return. best, Guilherme de Melo
Casey Kuo
2019-11-16 21:48:02 - 2019-11-18 12:52:48
Hello, I've installed the SAC package and I can plot stuff, but the 'make check' command throws out a error along with quite a few undefined header warnings. I've included the output in a text file since it's quite long. Thanks for the help.
2019-11-16 17:29:15
Hi All! When installing SAC v101.6 (on a 2018 MacBook Pro, running “High Sierra 10.13.6), I am successful able to run: % mkdir build % cd build % ../sac-101.6a/configure --prefix=/usr/local/sac > ../ % make >> ../ But running: % make install >> ../ generates the following nasty looking errors:: /usr/include/secure/_common.h:39:53: note: expanded from macro '__darwin_obsz' #define __darwin_obsz(object) __builtin_object_size (object, _USE_FORTIFY_LEVEL > 1… [more]
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claudia pavez
2019-11-14 12:16:14 - 2019-11-15 13:40:08
Hello everyone, I am trying to use a MACRO for data processing that is available in the Charles Ammon's webpage. The entire code is working quite well, but for some reason that I can not understand the code is not capable to read the files continuously. When I try to process a lot of data, I just can process the vertical component continuously but the files for the N and E components don't change. So, at the end, I just finish processing vertical seismograms, which is not that I need to do :/ … [more]
Onur Tan
2019-11-03 01:54:00
Dear Susan, In my previous email, I gave the 1000sps output of a seismometer. I have also 200sps output from the seismometer. So, There are two observed data set with 200 and 1000sps at the same time. the seismogram after decimation 5 with FILTER OFF option is similar with the 200sps output of the seismometer. Actually I cannot realize my problem with sine example. However, I generate seismogram with FUNCGEN. I see the aliasing on the P-phase after "decimation 5 FILTER ON" command. Small de… [more]
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Onur Tan
2019-11-02 22:53:26
Dear all, I have 1000sps data. When I apply decimation (#5) with option FILTER ON, I see strange waveform. However, FILTER OFF option gives much appropriate waveform. I am confused with FILTER option. best regards Onur Tan PS: SAC 101.6a on Ubuntu
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