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Active Message Threads for June 2019

Sukran Perk
2019-06-26 09:07:33 - 2019-06-26 11:00:40
Dear all, I am trying to make sacmerge to my data in order to make kztime=0 but when ı run my shell script in sac I am getting error message as below SAC> setbb hh (&1,nzhour) Segmentation fault (core dumped) What is the cause of this error message?? What can ı do to remove this error and run my script with no problem? Regards, Sukran
Mitchell Liddell
2019-06-18 15:43:33 - 2019-06-19 09:51:55
Hello, I have a problem with the CORRELATE function in sac. I imagine the correlation function performing a marching dot product between the two time series, and filling in zeros at the end/beginning as necessary when the shift of the one time series exceeds the boundary of the other. This is a "Cut, shift, correlate" order of operations and must artificially lower the correlation coefficient at greater time shifts. Is there any way for information outside of the original window to be includ… [more]
Corinne Lacave
2019-06-04 11:08:43 - 2019-06-18 13:07:16
Dear Madam, Sir, We have installed successfully the sac library as explained in your mail below. Now we just face a problem when trying to compile a Fortran-77 program using the sac library. Before, on our previous computer, we used to compile the program using one of the following compiling command : fort77 -o program program.f -lsacio f77 -o program program.f -lsacio Now we receive an error message saying : /usr/bin/ld : cannot find -lsacio Could you please help us with what should be t… [more]
Abhash Kumar
2019-06-14 15:00:49 - 2019-06-14 22:36:36
Hi, I want to calculate and plot envelope waveforms in SAC. I am reading several waveforms recorded at multiple stations of a seismic network. I decimated the data using decimate function and saved them as separate SAC files. I read those decimated files and typed "envelope" in the SAC terminal. According to the SAC manual, envelope command computes the envelope function of the data in memory, but I don't understand how to save the output of envelope command as separate SAC files to plot lat… [more]
2019-06-03 08:58:26 - 2019-06-04 11:34:55
I am a beginner in seismic area. I don't know well about seismic data format. I want to save my waveform to css 3.0 format. [ I have a very simple recorder which connected to seismic sensor ] I am a beginner here in IRIS. I am sorry that I don't know this forum is a proper place. so I write my article here. I choose CSS 3.0 instead of mseed format. because someone want me to implent it . so I am gathering data to implement it. I want to know where I get document for css … [more]
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