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Active Message Threads for October 2021

2021-10-25 12:51:41 - 2021-10-26 11:27:17
Hi everyone! i’m trying to install sac on ubuntu arm, it’s not successful The build log: configure:2463: checking whether to enable maintainer-specific portions of Makefiles configure:2472: result: no configure:2491: checking build system type configure:2500: error: cannot guess build type; you must specify one
Craig Jones
2021-10-07 21:27:34 - 2021-10-25 17:29:49
All, We’ve run into something we don’t fully understand. We have a new MacPro running the current OS with SAC 102 installed, and then we have an ancient MacPro (c2011) running 101.6 under High Sierra. Getting SAC files with SOD from either machine results in the same files on both machines. SAC on both machines will read these files. Writing them back out on the old machine basically reproduces the file. Writing it out on the new machine results in the bytes being seriously reordered, and … [more]
M. Zafar Iqbal Seismologist
2021-10-23 03:10:38 - 2021-10-25 16:05:30
Hi. I want to cross-correlate two stations. I have waveforms in sac format. When I use “correlate” , its done but in writing the correlated waveform, I have to provide two names. I checked the header, there is no change in header which I think there should be information of two stations. What to do? Sent from Mail<> for Windows 10
Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
2021-10-23 03:13:06
I am cross correlating two stations. I need a final file where the header must be with both stations information. How to do?
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Sachin Tiwari
2021-10-07 08:20:57 - 2021-10-07 10:49:44
claudia pavez
2021-09-30 09:46:35 - 2021-10-01 18:14:15
Hi everyone, I am trying to extract waveforms (30 time windows) from the land.mseed package using rdseed. I put the station metadata with the -g option in the file called land.seed. However, I got a 'Volume Not Found' error, which I couldn't solve. I attach the terminal output. I would appreciate any help to solve this issue, Thanks in advance, Claudia SAC> rdseed -d -o 1 -f ./land.mseed -g ./land.seed << IRIS SEED Reader, Release 5.3.1 >> **** Using alternate response file(s): land.seed *… [more]
23:56:04 v.ad6b513c