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Active Message Threads for March 2022

Fayola M. Thompson
2022-03-28 15:12:44 - 2022-03-29 15:58:30
Hello, I am a geophysicist based in Trinidad and Tobago. I am trying to convert files in SAC via SAC v102 for MAC but I keep getting the following error ERROR 1310: Illegal data file list number Any help will be greatly appreciated. CONFIDENTIALITY: This email (including any attachments) may contain confidential, proprietary and/or privileged information. Any duplication, copying, distribution, dissemination, transmission, disclosure or use in any manner of this email (including any attachme… [more]
Sheila Peacock
2022-03-24 09:49:11
Dear all, we have compiled SAC v. 102 from source on an M1 Mac but found this problem, which we think is to do with a library required by "readline": When you first run it, you gat a SAC> prompt and you can type a command, cursor back through it, edit it etc When you press return, the prompt becomes SAC> + the last command you typed and cursor editing no longer works. You can however type in a new command. It doesn't appear to be cumulative, always SAC> + last command typed. I've tried comp… [more]
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Nima Dolatabadi
2022-03-20 11:08:55 - 2022-03-20 22:22:02
Hello Dear Developers: I'm trying to Compile SAC-102.0 using source code under Ubuntu 20.04: Here I explain what I did:first I have created a directory beside sac-102.0 named "build" and then:    - cd build - ../sac-102.0/configure --enable-xdr --enable-zlib --enable-xpm --enable-png --prefix=/opt/SAC102 -enable-debug --enable-database --enable-xft --with-matlab=/home/nima/src/Matlab/R2018b --x-libraries=/usr/X11R6/lib --enable-editline --enable-readline - make - The process… [more]
Dear all, \ I am trying to use SAC (latest version 102.0, on Linux) response function to retrieve station metadata for my waveform data. The error occurred when SAC is trying to name the retrieved sacpz files. \ As is listed in the manual (, the output file names should inlcude network, station, location, and channel. However, when I ran the sample code \ `response resp net BK sta BKS loc * cha BHZ`,\ SAC named my file as `.BHZ` ra… [more]
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Josphat Mulwa
2022-03-12 14:08:09
Dear ALL, I am trying to install SAC in cygwin but I have not succeeded even though the installation processes seem to proceed well. However, I have noted errors being displayed in the make install process (last four lines). I have attached text files for the configuration, make and make install for ease of reference. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in solving my problem. Regards, Josphat -- ----------------------------------------- A KEBS 9001:2015 Certified Organization, No… [more]
Park Suhee
2022-03-03 12:44:28 - 2022-03-04 09:56:15
Hi, I want to merge the two seismic wave files. But my file doesn't have the same amplitude. What should I do about this Error? Currently, SAC> r file1.SAC SAC> decimate 5 SAC> w over Before this, file1's DELTA = 5*file2's DELTA After this, file1's DELTA = file2's DELTA I though it was enough, but another error occurred. Error 1. SAC> merge overlap average fie1.SAC file2.SAC No files to average, error merge: Gap zero fill 2. SAC> merge overlap comp… [more]
Charlotte Rowe
2022-03-03 19:55:52
I am noticing a peculiar thing within SAC. I have several phase arrivals stored in my file headers (for instance, "AMARKER") and I am looking at events aligned on these values. When I ask SAC to sort the traces by distance, it seems the value in the header field for AMARKER changes. It goes from something reasonable (i.e., 1.6783e01) to something absurd (i.e. -3.15370e-5). Has anyone else experienced this? It sure makes it tough to line up my waveforms. I can't remember having had this prob… [more]
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Sheila Peacock
2022-03-01 09:32:36 - 2022-03-01 23:01:42
Dear Nima, if your seismic traces have already been multiplied by the calibration factor in m/s^2/count (some programs for converting data to SAC format do this and some don't) then you need to run the SAC "transfer" command "transfer from polezero subtype filename to none freqlimits f1 f2 f3 f4: (type "help transfer" at the SAC prompt to get help). "filename" should be the filename of a file containing the poles and zeros like this: POLES n re im re im re im ... ZEROS m re im re im re im … [more]
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