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Active Message Threads for May 2022

Nima Dolatabadi
2022-05-26 05:45:23 - 2022-05-26 16:05:51
Dear Developers,I'm willing to create New Headers for a waveform in sac format, My Headers are like Mw, Mb, Ms, (other than MAG), and some strings or integers.Is there any manual to do so? I could not find anything in sac help or the SAC book or sac learning by zhigang Peng!!I was just able to find that it has to be related to setbb command but I completely have no idea about the procedure. I hope you can give me full explanation.Regards________________________ - Nima Dolatabadi - M.S… [more]
Maria Silveira
2022-05-01 17:35:02 - 2022-05-18 13:39:28
Hello, I have a new iMAC with MacOS Monterey M1. Does someone know if the SAC 102.0 version is compatible with it? I have SAC 101.6a, in another machine, which is perfectly running in macOS Mojave version 10.14.6. Also, I need to compile other fortran and C codes with libsacio.a. Many thanks Graça Silveira Professor Coordenador/Investigador Departamento de Física Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa Rua Conselheiro Emidio Navarro,1 1959-007 Lisbon Portugal & Instit… [more]
Loring Schaible
2022-05-03 18:47:26 - 2022-05-04 08:56:03
I converted some SAC files that were originally V6 (NVHDR = 6 ) to V7 (NVHDR = 7). I then did a transfer to produce a velocity time-series file. The original and product files are now in V7. When I try to load either V7 sac file into Matlab, it will not load any data and returns: Error using irisFetch/read_sac_in (line 2485) IRISFETCH:read_sac_in - Data is unevenly spaced. However, when I open the header of either V7 file, LEVEN = TRUE And the SAC manual says "LEVEN TRUE… [more]
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