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Active Message Threads for January 2023

Dear colleagues, Probably the last email you will receive regarding the upcoming SSA 2023 meeting. This time to invite all those colleagues that have worked on active faults of the Caribbean and Central America regions. Still some hours left for you to submit your abstract! Below is the session description. ----------------------------------------------------- Active Faults in the Caribbean and Central America The Caribbean - Central America region is tectonically complex and div… [more]
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Hello everyone! Apologies for yet another invitation to submit your abstract to SSA 2023. This time is to invite those colleagues that have worked in one way or another with the Southwest Puerto Rico January 7, 2020 Earthquake sequence. The session summary is below. Remember that abstract submission deadline is January 11 2023 at 5pm PST. The island of Puerto Rico is situated in the northeastern corner of the Caribbean basin, where active geological features around the island reflect the … [more]
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Dear Colleagues, We would like to draw your attention to the following SSA session which will be in person in San Juan, Puerto Rico on 17-20 April 2023: De-risking Deep Geothermal Projects: Geophysical Monitoring and Forecast Modeling Advances Conveners: Federica Lanza, Kristine Pankow, David Eaton, Nori Nakata, Ryan Schulz, Annemarie Mutendam-Bos We seek contributions from EGS projects and field test sites that focus on geophysical technologies applied to geothermal energy, such as r… [more]
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Thomas Lee
2023-01-04 20:52:18
Dear Colleagues: Do you have interest in legacy seismic data, hold archives of these data, or use them in your research? We would like to invite contributions to the following SSA Session: *Legacy Seismic Data Collections: The Present State of and Future Outlook for Data from the Past* Legacy seismic data were recorded from the late 19th century until the end of the analogue recording era in the late 20th century. Many of these records are still extant today in film and/or paper formats… [more]
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Charlotte Rowe
2023-01-03 16:28:27 - 2023-01-04 17:24:18
Dear colleagues, We invite you to consider contributing to our special session at the upcoming Seismological Society of America 2023 meeting: Advances in Marine Seismoacoustics On land, we are seeing increasing interdependence between seismic and infrasonic or acoustic observations for many important research applications. Continued expansion of seismoacoustic research into the oceans has given rise to a vast expansion of our geophysical reach, sensing and observational capabilities. Bot… [more]
With apologies for duplication from cross-posting... Geohazard community, We invite submissions to our *all-inclusive tsunami technical session* at the 2023 SSA Annual Meeting in Puerto Rico. Submit your abstract by January 11 here: *The Future of Tsunami Science, Preparedness and Response * Significant advances in observations, modeling, response, and communication of tsunamis have taken place over the last two decades, often as part of the assessme… [more]
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Dear Colleagues, We would like to draw your attention to the following session at the 2023 SSA Annual Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico - April 17-20: It’s All About Relocation, Relocation, Relocation The current capability to locate smaller seismic events has been boosted by unprecedented numbers of nodal networks and improved local monitoring throughout the world, yet the challenge still remains to accurately estimate an earthquake’s hypocenter. Many relocation algorithms and processi… [more]
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Hi All, Would you like to highlight the foundational work performed by seismic networks? Do you have research that could benefit the seismic monitoring community? Would you like to highlight new insights from your seismic network operations? We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the session "Network Seismology: Recent Developments, Challenges and Lessons Learned" at the 2023 Seismological Society of America (SSA) that will be held in person in San Juan, Puerto Rico, April… [more]
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