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Chad Trabant
Feb. 25, 2014, 8:33 p.m.
Hello Java and MATLAB web service users, The DMC has updated the IRIS-WS Java library to version 2.0.6, available here: http://www.iris.edu/dms/nodes/dmc/software/downloads/IRIS-WS/2-0-6/ This release includes a fix regarding the generated URLs for the fdsnws-station service and the level parameter. You will also find a new jar file containing the basic classes needed to run the library without their dependencies, this allows using your own versions of the 3rd party libraries (SeisFile a... [more]
Hello web services users, The DMC has recently updated all 3 of it’s FDSN web services: http://service.iris.edu/fdsnws/station/1/ http://service.iris.edu/fdsnws/dataselect/1/ http://service.iris.edu/fdsnws/event/1/ All of these services were updated to fix request parameter confusion between requests under conditions of very high concurrency. We do not believe that this issue effected many users given the nature of the bug, triggering and discovering it was made possible by testing on th... [more]
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Chad Trabant
Feb. 4, 2014, 2:55 p.m.
Hello webservice users, The DMC has updated it's ws-sacpz service to version 1.1.4. http://service.iris.edu/irisws/sacpz/1/ The following change was made: * Include POLES and ZEROS lines even when there are none, explicitly reporting a count of zero. This change means that when there are no poles or no zeros the service will include a line like the following: POLES 0 and/or ZEROS 0 regards, Web services team
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