Below is a list off all archived PH5 experiments available for request. Clicking either the ID or Nickname will take you to the PH5 request form for an experiment. Clicking on "Get Report" will take you to a directory containg reports and related documents for the experiment.

Experiments marked restricted will allow you to view the experiment metadata, but you will not be able to make a request for data unless your e-mail address is on the list of people authorized to request data for that experiment

ID Nickname/link Data Size Restriction Report Network Code
07-006 SOAD 174MUnrestricted Get Report
07-012 MSH_TRANSECT 4.0GUnrestricted Get Report
07-023 UrbanYield 2.3MUnrestricted Get Report
07-024 INDEPTH4 64GUnrestricted Get Report
08-005 PVFTESTSHOTS 2.7MUnrestricted Get Report
08-018 ROCKDAMAGE 2.0MUnrestricted Get Report
08-019 Newberry 1.2MUnrestricted Get Report
08-020 HLP3C 165GUnrestricted Get Report
08-021 HLPActive1CA 9.3MUnrestricted Get Report
09-005 Korean Peninsula 12MUnrestricted Get Report
09-006 HLP3CPiggyBack-RT130 3.5MUnrestricted Get Report
10-001 BATHOLITHS 18MUnrestricted Get Report
10-005 USACROSS 3.1MUnrestricted Get Report
10-008 SIMA 8.0MUnrestricted Get Report
10-009 SINOPROBE2 11MUnrestricted Get Report
10-010 TANGSHAN 95MUnrestricted Get Report
10-012 SEACALIPSO 15MUnrestricted Get Report
10-014 Obsidian 6.6MUnrestricted Get Report
10-016 REDRIVER 4.4MUnrestricted Get Report
10-017 BighornsActive 27MUnrestricted Get Report
10-021 TOMO_EREBUS 3.5MUnrestricted Get Report
11-001 GUMBO 74MUnrestricted Get Report
11-012 SSIP 975MUnrestricted Get Report
11-020 WellingtonTransectII 13MUnrestricted Get Report
11-021 RIFSIS 8.5GUnrestricted Get Report
12-002 CHVSP-UCSB 12MUnrestricted Get Report
12-003 CU-VAMP 101MUnrestricted Get Report
12-005 HAL 1010KUnrestricted Get Report
12-006 FDE 1.2MUnrestricted Get Report
12-007 ALCUDIA-WA 13MUnrestricted Get Report
13-002 IDOR 372GUnrestricted Get Report
13-004 DECOUPLING12 2.3MUnrestricted Get Report
13-005 seisorz 21MUnrestricted Get Report
13-009 NEDE2 1.7MUnrestricted Get Report
13-012 humbleredwoodIII 2.7MUnrestricted Get Report
14-002 EBSE 29GUnrestricted Get Report
14-021 ENAM 203GUnrestricted Get Report ZI.2014
14-023 SUGAR 75MUnrestricted Get Report 5G.2014-2015
14-024 BelenRT 3.5MUnrestricted Get Report
14-025 AIDA_Maine 4.7MUnrestricted Get Report XA.2012
14-032 imush 121MRestricted Get Report XD.2014
14-035 Napa_Earthquake_Response 65GUnrestricted Get Report
14-040 GIAME 70MUnrestricted Get Report
15-009 SEV_ARRAY 446MUnrestricted Get Report XK.2015
15-015 Silali 14MUnrestricted Get Report 9B.2012-2013
15-016 ENAM_CSE 41MUnrestricted Get Report ZI.2015
15-018 GeoGirls 1.2MUnrestricted Get Report 4C.2015
15-021 PABIP 6.2MUnrestricted Get Report YL.2015
16-001 UTEP_ENAM_Explosive_test 4.7MUnrestricted Get Report 5A.2013
16-014 Tien_Shan 87MUnrestricted Get Report Z5.2007
16-015 Wavefields 2.0MUnrestricted Get Report YW.2016
16-018 NSI-16 25GUnrestricted Get Report
16-019 TopoGreenland 7.9MUnrestricted Get Report
17-009 TAIGERPilot 6.3MUnrestricted Get Report
18-030 Thwaites 546MRestricted Get Report 2E.2018