IASPEI Committee for Preservation of WWSSN and Historical Seismograms

I. Introduction

This Committee was established in June, 2004 by the International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth’s Interior (IASPEI), a non-profit and professional organization. The primary activity of this Committee is to construct SeismoArchives (especially, International Digital Earthquake Archives (IDEAs)) in collaboration with the Data Management Center (DMC) of the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS).

Please click: SeismoArchives for more information.

II. Committee Members

We welcome volunteers to serve as Committee members. However, each member is expected donate significant amounts of time for one or more of the following tasks:

(1) Help raising funds to scan and prepare data for the International Digital Earthquake Archives,    
(2) Donate materials for the International Digital Earthquake Archives,

(3) Help reviewing materials of the International Digital Earthquake Archives for long-term dissemination and preservation at the IRIS Data Management Center, and

(4) As a liaison member to other related committees or organizations dedicated to preservation of earthquake and related materials. 

Current members includes: Tim Ahern (USA), Josep Batllo (Spain), Harold Bolton (USA), Graziano Ferrari (Italy), Bob Hutt (USA), Hiroo Kanamori (USA), Ota Kulhanek (Sweden), Alberto Michelini (Italy), Guust Nolet (USA), Roger Musson (UK), Mike Rymer (USA), and Johannes Schweitzer (Norway).

If you are interested to serve as a Committee member, please contact William H. K. Lee at:  lee@usgs.gov (office) or whklee@ix.netcom.com (home).  

III. Committee Report

Please click: Committee Report (dated May, 28, 2004) for more information. Although this report is a little out-of- date, it provides some background information of the Committee. We will revise this Committee Report when the SeismoArchives are reasonably established online at the IRIS Data Management Center.


(last updated: August 20, 2004)