Books and Reports

The following books provide useful information on seismographs, seismograms, and seismic stations. Some of the files have been published in the attached CDs of the "International Handbook of Earthquake and Engineering Seismology", edited by W.H.K. Lee, H. Kanamori, P.C. Jennings, and C. Kisslinger, Academic Press, San Diego. Readers are referred to the two printed volumes (Part A., 2002, and Part B, 2003) for more details.

Galitzin1914.pdf: Contains the classic textbook Galitzin (also Golicyn), Prince Boris Borisovi (1914). Vorlesungen über Seismometrie. Deutsche Bearbeitung unter Mitwirkung von Clara Reinfeldt, herausgegeben von Oskar Hecker. Verlag Teubner, Berlin 1914, VIII + 538 pp.

Lee1988.pdf: An out-of-print book summarizing the efforts on preserving historical seismograms on microfilms by the IASPEI/UNESCO Working Group on Historical Seismograms and Earthquakes. This file contains the book in full -- Lee, W. H. K., H. Meyers, and K. Shimazaki (Editors), (1988). "Historical Seismograms and Earthquakes of the World", Academic Press, 513 pp. (Reproduced in digital images by permission of the Academic Press).

Readers are encuraged to read pages 16-33, "Importance of historical Seismograms for geophysical research" by Hiroo Kanamori (including his quote on the main Web page).  This book file also includes 50 other papers on historical seismograms and earthquakes. The PDF file has larger numbers of pages (529) because they include "front matters" (i.e., title page, preface, contents, etc.) of the books.

Wood_1921.pdf: This is the List of Seismological Stations of the World, 1st ed.

McComb_and_West_1931.pdf: This is the List of Seismological Stations of the World, 2nd ed.

Poppe_1979.pdf: This is USGS Professonal Paper 1096, Hstorical Survey of U.S. Seismograph Stations by Barbara B. Poppe.

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