August 14, 1939 Cuban Earthquake Archive

1939 8/15 03:52 UCT 79.25W 22.50N 20km Mw=5.97 Remedios, Cuba

1. Seismograms
Selected seismograms at the Denver Federal Center from this earthquake were scanned as part of the IASPEI Scanning Project (small PDF versions of large .tif files lilnked below).

link to compressed .tif file format) (includes little .jpg "thumbnails").

2. Selected Information
This earthquake was noted by O‘loughlin and Lander (2003) as having produced a tsunami. The earthquake was felt near Remedios and Santa Clara, Cuba with intensity MM VIII (Tanner and Shepherd, 1997) or MSK VII (Chuy, 1999).

3. References

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