April 21, 1948 Hispaniola Earthquake Archive (late aftershock):

4/21/1948 20:22 69.5W, 19.25N, 40km, Mw=7.1 Along North Coast of the Dominican Republic

1. Seismograms
Selected seismograms at the Denver Federal Center from this earthquake were scanned as part of the IASPEI Scanning Project (small PDF versions of large .tif files lilnked below).

link to compressed .tif file format) (includes little .jpg "thumbnails").

2. Selected Information
Strong earthquake along the north coast of the Dominican Republic. This event continues a ten-year sequence of major earthquakes along the northern coast of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Events studied by Lynch and Bodle (1948), Kelleher et al. (1973), Russo and Villaseñor (1995), and Dolan and Wald (1998).

3. References

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