1966 Parkfield (California) Earthquake Archive:

in Memory of Dr. Jerry P. Eaton (1926-2004)

1966 6/28 4:26 UTC, 35.87N  120.48W  1km deep, Ms=6.2, Parkfield, California, USA 

    The June 27, 1966 (local time) Parkfield-Cholame earthquake has been extensively studied, and in particular by Jerry P. Eaton. The present archive is created in memory of Jerry Eaton, so that available data and results of Parkfield earthquake and its aftershocks can be preserved and made freely available via the Internet.     We welcome contributions of digital files of materials relating to the Parkfield Earthquake and financial donations to the endowment fund so that more seismograms can be scanned and made availableonline.  In addition, an archivist is needed to edit and maintain this Archive. If you are interested, 
please contact W.H.K. Lee at lee@usgs.gov (office) or  whklee@ix.netcom.com (home).

Archivist: A volunteer is needed.
Endowment Donor: William H. K. Lee (for providing fund to scan the selected WWSSN seismograms).
Contributors of Files: Marian Eaton, Charles R. Hutt, and William H. K. Lee.

NOTE: A Mw=6 earthquake occurred near Parkfield on 2004 September 28 at 17:15:24 UTC
For more details, please visit: _earthquake.usgs.gov/eqinthenews/20 04/nc51147892/_

1. Seismograms of 1966 Parkfield (California) Earthquake:    Please click the above link to view the selected seismograms of the 1966 Parkfield earthquake recorded by the WWSSN stations.

link to compressed tif file directory (.gz format)

2. Selected Data Files and Scanned Papers online now:      (1) Eaton (1970): File size: 4,056 KB in PDF format, scanned from: Eaton, J. P., M. E. O’Neill, and J. N.            Murdock (1970). Aftershocks of the 1966 Parkfield-Cholame, California earthquake: A detailed study, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 60, 1151-1197.

      (2) Parkfield Aftershock Data by Jerry P. Eaton: File size: 738 KB in ASCII text format.             retrieved from the NCSN database in HYPOINVERSE format.

3. A Brief Note about Jerry P. Eaton (1926-2004)     Jerry P. Eaton was educated at University of California, Berkeley (B.A ,.Physics,  1949; and Ph.D., Geophysics, 1953). He spent his entire professional career at the U.S. Geological Survey.
For more information, please click:
(1)*Photo of Jerry P. Eaton*: taken by Marian Eaton in 1984.
(2)  Memorial of Jerry P. Eaton: Manuscript version with references by W.H.K. Lee and W.L. Ellsworth
(3) Memorial of Jerry P. Eaton: by W.H.K. Lee and W.L. Ellsworth,      Seismological Research Letters, 75(4), 472-474, 2004.
(4) Biographical Sketch for: Jerry P. Eaton a 1-page bio-summary written by Dr. Eaton himself for the “International Handbook of Earthquake and Engineering Seismology”, edited by W.H.K.       Lee, H. Kanamori, P.C. Jennings, and C. Kisslinger, Part B, p. 1880, Academic Press, San Diego, 2003.  


(Last updated: October 26, 2004)