Seismograms of the 1967 Koyna (India) Earthquake:
  • (Last updated: September 15, 2004)
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  • 12/10 22:51 UTC  17.39N  73.77E  4km           Ms=6.4, Koyna, India*

The following seismograms were scanned at 400 dpi, 8-bit gray scale by Ronsin Imaging Servoces, Inc. (215 S. Lemon Creek Drive, Walnut, CA 91789, USA), in August of 2004,  from selected WWSSN film chips under the USGS/ICSU Scanning Project funded by the International Council of Scientific Unions.

For rapid viewing, the edited image files were saved in this Website at large "quality" reduction in PDF format, but the original scanned image files are archived at IRIS Data Center for download
at the scanned 400 dpi resolution.

Seismograms are organized by station as follows, with the following abbreviations for components:
      LPZ = Long Period, Vertical component;  LPN = Long Period,  North-South component;  
      LPE = Long Period, East-West component.
For each station, the WWSSN number, station code, coordinates (latitude in degrees, longitude in
degrees, and elevation in meters), and geographical location are given first.  The available seismograms are then listed by station code and component (with start time given by month, day, year, ‘_’, hour, minute).

For station information, please click: WWSSN1964.pdf: An extensive summary of the World-wide Standardized Seismograph Network, including detailed description of all WWSSN stations.

Link to high res tif files (gzip format)

0001=AAE [ 9.03N, 38.77E, 2442m]: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
AAE_LPZ (121067_0621)    AAE_LPN (121067_0621)    AAE_LPE (121067_0621)

0005=AFI [13.91S, 171.78W, 706m]: Apia, Western Samoa
AFI_LPZ (121067_0126)    AFI_LPN (121067_0126)    AFI_LPE (121067_0126)

0009=ANT [23.70S, 70.42W, 80m]: Antofagusta, Chile
ANT_LPZ (121067_1519)    ANT_LPN (121067_1519)    ANT_LPE (121067_1519)

0011=ARE [16.46S, 71.49W, 2452m]: Arequipa, Peru
ARE_LPZ (121067_0000)    ARE_LPN (121067_0000)    ARE_LPE (121067_0000)

0021=BOG [ 4.62N, 74.07W, 2658m]: Bogota, Columbia
BOG_LPZ (121067_1317)    BOG_LPE (121067_1317)

0026=CHG [18.79N, 98.98E, 416m]: Chiengmai, Thailand
CHG_LPZ (121067_0000)    CHG_LPN (121067_0000)    CHG_LPE (121067_0000)

0028=COL [64.90N, 147.79W, 320m]: College, Alaska (USA)
COL_LPZ (121067_1904)    COL_LPN (121067_1907)    COL_LPE (121067_1907)

0030=COR [44.59N, 123.30W, 121m]: Corvallis, Oregon
COR_LPZ    COR_LPN (121067_2250)    COR_LPE (121067_2250)

*0031=CT*A [20.09S, 146.25E, 358m]: Charters Towers, Australia
CTA_LPZ (121067_0008)    CTA_LPN (121067_0008)    CTA_LPE (121067_0008)

0033=DAV [ 7.09N, 125.57E, 85m]: Davao, Philippines
DAV_LPZ (121067_0015)    DAV_LPN (121067_0015)    DAV_LPE (121067_0015)

0038=ESK [55.32N, 3.20W, 242m]: Eskdalemuir, Scotland
ESK_LPZ (121067_1018)    ESK_LPN (121067_1018)    ESK_LPE (121067_1018)

0048=HNR [ 9.43S, 159.95E, 72m]: Honiara, Solomon Islands
HNR_LPZ (121067_0005)    HNR_LPN (121067_0005)    HNR_LPE (121067_0005)

0052=KEV [69.76N, 27.01E, 81m]: Kevo, Finland
KEV_LPZ (121067_0911)    KEV_LPN (121067_0911)    KEV_LPE (121067_0911)

0053=KIP [21.42N, 158.01W, 73m]: Kipapa, Hawaii
KIP_LPZ (121067_1706)    KIP_LPN (121067_1706)    KIP_LPE (121067_1706)

0055=KON [59.65N, 9.60E, 216m]: Kongsberg, Norway
KON_LPZ (121067_1654)    KON_LPN (121067_1654)    KON_LPE (121067_1654)

0064=MAT [36.54N, 138.21E, 422m]: Matsushiro, Japan
MAT_LPZ (121067_0040)    MAT_LPN (121067_0040)    MAT_LPE (121067_0040)

0070=KBS [78.93N, 11.94E, 74m]: Kingsbay, Spitsbergen
KBS_LPZ (121067_1107)    KBS_LPN (121067_1107)    KBS_LPE (121067_1107)

0072=MUN [31.98S, 116.21E, 253m]: Mundaring, W. Australia
MUN_LPZ (121067_0126)    MUN_LPN (121067_0126)    MUN_LPE (121067_0126)

0073=NAT [ 5.87S, 35.28W, 50m]: Natal, Brazil
NAT_LPZ (121067_1359)    NAT_LPN (121067_1359)    NAT_LPE (121067_1359)

0074=NAI [ 1.27S, 36.80E, 1692m]: Nairobi, Kenya
NAI_LPZ (121067_0509)    NAI_LPN (121067_0509)    NAI_LPE (121067_0509)

0078=NNA [11.99S, 76.84W, 575m]: Nana, Peru
NNA_LPZ (121067_1416)    NNA_LPN (121067_1416)    NNA_LPE (121067_1416)

0086=PMG [ 9.41S, 147.16E, 65m]: Port Moresby, New Guinea
PMG_LPZ (121067_2252)    PMG_LPN (121067_2252)    PMG_LPE (121067_2252) *
0093=QUI* [ 0.20S, 78.50W, 2837m]: Quito, Ecuador
QUI_LPZ (121067_1325)    QUI_LPN (121067_1326)    QUI_LPE (121067_1327)

0095=RAR [21.21S, 159.77W, 28m]: Rarotonga, Cook Islands
RAR_LPZ (121067_1945)    RAR_LPN (121067_1945)    RAR_LPE (121067_1945)

0106=SJG [18.11N, 66.15W, 457m]: San Juan, Puerto Rico
SJG_LPZ (121067_1220)    SJG_LPN (121067_1220)    SJG_LPE (121067_1220)

0108=SPA [90.00S, 115.00E, 2927m]: South Pole, Antarctica
SPA_LPZ (121067_0041)    SPA_LPN (121067_0041)    SPA_LPE (121067_0041)

0112=ANP [25.19N, 121.52E, 825m]: Anpu, Taiwan
ANP_LPZ (121067_0013)    ANP_LPN (121067_0013)    ANP_LPE (121067_0013)

0113=TAU [42.91S, 147.32E, 132m]: Hobart, Tasmania
TAU_LPZ (121067_0244)    TAU_LPN (121067_0244)    TAU_LPE (121067_0244)

0119=TUC [32.31N, 110.78W, 906m]: Tucson, Arizona (USA)
TUC_LPZ (121067_1600)    TUC_LPN (121067_1600)    TUC_LPE (121067_1600)

0122=WEL [41.29S, 174.77E, 122m]: Wellington, New Zealand
WEL_LPZ (121067_2105)    WEL_LPN (121067_2105)    WEL_LPE (121067_2105)

0123=WES [42.38N, 71.32W, 60m]: Weston, Massachusetts
WES_LPZ (121067_1702)    WES_LPN (121067_1658)    WES_LPE (121067_1700)   

0124=WIN [22.57S, 17.10E, 1728m]: Windhoek, Namibia
WIN_LPZ (121067_0642)    WIN_LPN (121067_0642)    WIN_LPE (121067_0642)