1970 Peru-Ecuador Earthquake Archive

1970 12/10 04:34 UTC  4.07S 80.66W  19km deep  Mw=7.1, Peru-Ecuador Border Region

The death toll of this earthquake was about 81.  We know very little about this earthquake.

We welcome contributions of digital files of materials relating to this Peru- Ecuador earthquake and financial donations to the endowment fund so that more seismograms can be scanned and made available online.  In addition, an archivist is needed to edit and maintain this Archive. If you  are interested, please
contact W.H.K. Lee at lee@usgs.gov (office) or  whklee@ix.netcom.com (home).

Archivist: A volunteer is needed.
Endowment Donors:
Contributors of Files: Charles R. Hutt, and William H. K. Lee.

1. Seismograms of the 1970 Peru-Ecuador Earthquake:     Please click the above link to view the selected seismograms of the 1970 Peru-Ecuador earthquake recorded by the WWSSN stations.

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2. Selected Information about the 1970 Peru-Ecuador Earthquake:    
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