1972 Managua (Nicaragua) Earthquake Archive

1972 12/23 06:29 UTC  12.35N  86.12W  6km deep      Mw=6.2, Managua, Nicaragua

The death toll of this earthquake was about 6,000. 

We welcome contributions of digital files of materials relating to the Managua earthquake and financial donations to the endowment fund so that more seismograms can be scanned and made available online.  In addition, an archivist is needed to edit and maintain this Archive. If you are interested, 
please contact W.H.K. Lee at lee@usgs.gov (office) or  whklee@ix.netcom.com (home).

Archivist: A volunteer is needed.
Contributors of Files: Charles R. Hutt, and William H. K. Lee.

1. Seismograms of the 1972 Managua (Nicaragua) Earthquake:     Please click the above link to view the selected seismograms of the 1972 Managua earthquake recorded by the WWSSN stations.

link to compressed tif file directory (.gz format)

2. References: *Brown, R. D., P. L. Ward, and G. Plafker (1973). Geologic and seismologic aspects of the Managua, Nicaragua, earthquakes of December 23, 1972. U. S. Geological Survey Profession Paper 838, 35 pp.

EERI (1973). Conference Proceedings of the Managua, Nicaragua earthquake of December 23, 1973. 2 volumes, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, Oakland, CA, 975 pp.

Sozen, M. A., and R. B. Matthiesen (1975). Engineering report on the Managua earthquake of 23 December 1972. Report submitted to the Committee on Natural Disaster, NRC, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C., 111 pp.      

(Last Updated: November 6, 2004)