1987/1988 Gulf of Alaska Earthquakes Archive

In Memory of Dr. John C. Lahr (1944-2009)

1987 11/30 *19:23 UTC  58.83N  142.60W  15 km deep, Mw=7.9, *
1988 03/06 *22:35 UTC  57.26N  142.75W    6 km deep, Mw=7.8, *
Gulf of Alaska, Northeast Pacific Ocean

The 1987-88 Mw 7 Gulf of Alaska earthquakes, among the largest oceanic intraplate earthquakes ever recorded, involved strike-slip faulting along a pre-existing zone of weakness inherited from plate formation processes. In a seminal paper, John Lahr argued that the earthquake sequence reflects fragmentation of the corner of the Pacific plate in its collision with the North American plate.

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1. Seismograms of the 1987 and 1988 Gulf of Alaska Earthquakes:
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2. Selected Information about the 1987 and 1988 Gulf of Alaska Earthquakes now Online:

Lahr, J.C., R.A. Page, C.D. Stephens, and D.H. Christensen (1988). Unusual earthquakes in the Gulf of Alaska and fragmentation of the Pacific plate, Geophys. Res. Lett., 15, 1483-1486.

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4. Brief note about John Lahr:
John Lahr was educated at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (B.S., Physics, 1966) and Columbia University (Ph.D., Seismology, 1975). He served as a Geophysicist and Research Geophysicist, U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, Calif. (1971-1993), College, Alaska (1993-1997), and Golden, Colo. (1997-2003). Much of his career centered on investigating the seismicity and tectonics of southern Alaska and developing and improving computer techniques for locating earthquakes recorded by a sparse regional network of seismographs. John shared his deep enthusiasm for science and earthquakes with school children, teachers and the general public.

For photographs of John Lahr engaged in field work in Alaska and earthquake education, please click:

Please click: John C. Lahr Biographical Sketch for a one-page summary adapted from the autobiographical sketch in the International Handbook of Earthquake and Engineering Seismology, edited by W.H.K. Lee, H. Kanamori, P.C. Jennings, and C. Kisslinger, Part B, p. 1883 and CD#3, Appendix 3 , Academic Press, San Diego, 2003.

Please click: John Lahr’s Publications for a full list of his publications.

Please click: John Lahr’s Science Outreach for his science and earthquake outreach/education activities.

Please click: Tributes to John Lahr including information about The John C. Lahr Educational Seismology Fund.


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