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These archives contain seismograms and related materials of the "Reference Stations of the World". These Reference Stations are chosen for their strategic locations and long durations in operation.

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For this project, we hope to have several types of information added to the site. They include: bulletins of seismic stations, early-20th-century lists of seismic stations (1921, 1931, 1953, 1964, and 1979), inventories of data holdings of paper seismograms at the Denver Federal center in Lakewood, Colorado, the USGS microfilm holdings in Golden, Colorado, TIFF images of seismograms of Caribbean earthquakes and several years of the reference stations. Finally, we have more than 4,000 images of Tide gauge records (marigrams) of tsunami copied from the DVD holdings of the NGDC in Boulder, Colorado. (Bill McCann, March 31, 2009; Mike Diggles, December 9, 2009)

Each seismogram on microfilm was scanned at 8-bit gray scale and high resolution (2400 dpi or better, so that it is equivalent to 300 dpi or better for the original-size seismogram before microfilming) and image editing was performed for quality control.

Puerto Rico

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