The Webicorder

Welcome to the webicorder webapp. The webicorder is a spinoff of IRIS Quack technology.


The webicorder webapp allows you to easily generate helicorder style plots of any of the data currently in the BUD or USRA realtime data buffers.

To make a plot, simply specify a bud file name.

To explain this it's easiest just to give a bunch of examples:

Network Station Location Channel Comments URL
IU ANMO 00 BHZ Plots most current data:
IU ANMO 00 BHZ With a specified date:
IU ANMO 00 BHZ Plots yesterday's data:
IU ANMO 00 BHZ Plots data from 2 days ago:
IU ANMO 00 BHZ width = 1024 height = 500
IU ANMO 00 BHZ No debug decoration on side:
IU ANMO 00 BHZ No vertical scale at top:
IU ANMO 00 BHZ None of either
UW JUN   EHZ Station with empty location code
UW JUN   EHZ Manually setting vertical scale factor:
0.02 counts per pixel
UW JUN   EHZ Multiple things set at once