Haiti 2010
Rotate Earth by dragging on it. Press tiny play button image to create an earthquake.
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Earth  (draggable)

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Click on an earthquake for info and to load it.
Choose a wave set for cross section:
A wave set is a wave and some key waves that precede it:

P,S:  the original, first, direct waves.
PP, PS, SS:  adding reflections at the underside of Earth’s surface.
PKP, PKS:  adding mantle → (outer) core → mantle.
PcP, PcS:  adding reflections at the core-mantle boundary (CMB).
PKIKP:  adding mantle → outer core → inner core → outer core → mantle.

Seismic Waves

A visualization of earthquake waves traveling both through Earth's interior and radiating outward on the surface.
What you will see is explained here.