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The Searchable Product Depository (SPUD) is the IRIS DMC's primary data product management system. Complementing the DMC's SEED and assembled data archives, which contain time series recordings, the SPUD system primarily contains derivative data products of other types (images, movies, etc.) created either at the DMC or by members of the community.

For users SPUD is the query and access point for these products. The web interfaces allow users to search for products using customized queries across product and event details. Users can search across all product types at once or within specific product types. SPUD also has web service interfaces for programmatic discovery and access to the data products.

If any products from SPUD are used in your research please be sure to cite the identified author of the product and the IRIS DMS [Citation Information].

About Surface-Wave Radiation Patterns Products

The Surface-Wave Radiation Pattern product shows the patterns of seismic energy radiation by azimuth around the epicenter for Rayleigh and Love waves. The spectral amplitudes for Green’s functions obtained for elementary moment tensors observed at virtual stations are obtained from Mineos, an open-source software that computes synthetic seismograms in a spherically symmetric non-rotating Earth by summing normal modes. By convolving the spectral amplitudes with the components of the moment tensor as given by the Global CMT Project, the radiation pattern for different source mechanisms is obtained.

For more information on surface-wave radiation patterns visit the product page.

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Surface-Wave Radiation Patterns Help

This page shows the surface-wave radiation patterns for the selected event.

Surface-Wave Radiation Patterns for MW 6.9 HAWAII icon
Date-Time (UTC): 2018-05-04 22:32:54
Location: HAWAII
Latitude, Longitude: 19.313 °, -154.998 °
Magnitude: 6.9 Mw (HV)
Depth: 2.06 km
Author: hv,us,pt,at
Catalog, Contributor: NEIC PDE, us
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Product Trigger Origin
Date-Time (UTC): 2018-05-04 22:32:55
Location: HAWAII
Latitude, Longitude: 19.120 °, -154.710 °
Magnitude: 6.9 MW (Global CMT Project)
Depth: 12.0 km
Author: Global CMT Project
Catalog, Contributor: GCMT, GCMT
Interactive SWRP: C201805042232A
Principal Axes (Length Exponent: 26, Units: dyne-cm)
NameAzimuth (°)Plunge (°)Length
Focal Mechanism
Surface-Wave Radiation Patterns at individual selected Frequencies

Surface-Wave Radiation Patterns at all selected Frequencies

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FilenameDescriptionFile Type
C201805042232A.zipZip File of all Figuresapplication/zip
C201805042232A.txtText File of Amplitudes and Phasestext/plain