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Short description example:

network start year end year nick name experiment category restricted
XB 2003 2004 MRSN Magdalena Ridge Seismic Network PASSCAL Y
XE 2003 2004 Namche Barwa Tibet PASSCAL Y
XN 2003 2005 CANOE Canadian Northwest Experiment PASSCAL Y
XA 2002 2003 Bhutan Bhutan PASSCAL Y

Custom query example:

network XB
experiment Abitibi Experiment
nickname Abitibi
start year 1996
end year 1996
category PASSCAL
description This cooperative project deployed 28 inst. along the Lithoprobe Abitibi-Grenville geologic transect to complement seismic reflection profiles and manetotelluric MT data. We are testing the hypothesis that both mantle seismic anisotropy and mantle structure in the region are related to Proterozoic and Archean orogenic episodes. The mantle processes that produce the mantle seismic anisotropy may also be responsible for the electrical anisotropy that has been measured by the magnetotelluric method. thus, seismic anisotropy is also being compared to electrical anisotropy.
restricted? N

network XJ
experiment Adirondack Broadband Array
nickname ABBA
start year 1995
end year 1996
category PASSCAL
description Determination of anistropy and depth/characteristics of discontinuities in the mantle and the Moho beneath the Adirondacks.
restricted? N

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