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Files for the Costa Rica Rift Borehole Seismic Experiment (CRSE) at Hole 504B on DSDP Leg 92

Tom Bolmer 4/9/18

This data set has SEGY files for the active Oblique Seismic Experiment (OSE) conducted at Hole 504 on DSDP Leg 92.  There is a directory of the SEGY file by line shot.  There is a directory of plots for each line with the 3 Borehole Seismometer channels plotted and the location of those shots relative to the borehole.  There is also a directory of documentaion for these data.  

SEGY   Directory with the SEGY files
plots  Directory with plots of the data nd the cruise tracks for each line
docs   Directory of documentation for this data set.  And, supporting ASCII lists for each shot.