Northern Walker Lane Refraction Survey

May 20-24, 2002

PI: John Louie, PhD, University of Nevada, Reno

Project Map

A 450-km line on 199 RT-125 ``Texan'' recorders, extending from Auburn, Calif. to the Barrick GoldStrike mine in north-central Nevada. Quarry blasts at the GoldStrike mine and a quarry near Watsonville, Calif. provide a near-reversed profile of P-wave arrival times crossing the Northern Sierra Nevada, Northern Walker Lane, and the Battle Mountain heat-flow high.

For more information on the results of the project go to our public website for the Crustal Seismic Velocity Database for the Western Great Basin.

Earthquake source and blast times for the project

Traveltime plots PDF, XLS

Observer notes

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SEG-Y Seismic Record Sections

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