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This directory structure relates to data that wass collected by UTEP for Holloman Air Force Base
in New Mexico.  The objective of this study was to locate areas to drill a production water
well to meet the needs of the increasing size on the Base personnel.  The German Air Force
has moved of it's training to Holloman, New Mexico.  The site is located at the base of the
Sarcamento Mountains in an alluvial fan.

The .sgy files do not have geometry loaded into the headers. The geometry data can be found
in the /Geometry directory of this dataset.  The data in the file is in the 
following format "Station#    Northing     Easting      Elavation (meter)"

All shots were located at specific stations.  The file "shot.txt" contains information on the station 
the shot was at and the time the shot was fired.  iThe shot depth ranged between 4 - 10 feet below the ground surface.

There is a Site map in the /Docs directory that shows the location of the test well and the location of 
the 2 seismic lines. There are 2 sitemap files (.cdr - correl draw & .jpg - jpeg). The file /Geometry/holloman.utm
has coordinates in correct format to be used with 7.5'quad (Horizontal Datum = UTM, NAD27, zone=13, Horizontal
units=meters, Vertical Datum = NGVD29, Vertical units = meters).