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Dear all, 
as we have discussed at the last workshop in Vienna, there is a corrected and reprocessed dataset of ALP2002 available. For those who didnīt attend the workshop here is the summary of the new data: 
* Reprocessed with a newer version of TSP - significant increase of quality 
* Correction of gross timing errors on ALP09 
* Correction of possibly wrong co-ordinate information in the header 
The .sgy-files have the same structure and format as the previous data set and are usable for ZPLOT. There are also the corresponding .hdr and .r-files. For ZPLOT, there are two versions: 
1) Inline dataset: 
Uses the model geometry (.r-files) which was supplied by Piotr for the ALP-workshop in 2003. 
2) Full dataset: 
Uses a different model geometry (.r-files). In ZPLOT, when axis=3 is used (plotting over azimuth), the traces are plotted over the profile-co-ordinate (in km). This is very useful because of the large number of crossline-information. iaxis=2 (distance, which is more or less identical to the profile-co-ordinate in 2D) can not be used for 3D-purposes. 
For both versions, there are no placeholders for reciprocal times in the .hdr-file. You may want to create them yourselves. 
Basic information on the geometry which is stored in the SEGY-headers: 
* SRC/REC-co-ordinates are WGS84 decimal degrees*3600 (seconds) 
* OFFSET is the inline offset (difference between shot-profile-co-ordinate and receiver-profile-co-ordinate) in meters 
* AOFFSET in meters is stored at the extended SEGY-header (4-byte-integer at position 181) 
I'm just uploading the data at Pavla's server (; user&pw: gfu; directory & file : /incoming/ALP2002/michael/alp_data.2004.tar.gz), it's ~1.5 GB. Please let me know if there are problems with downloading and/or extracting. 
Best regards, Michael