Data Services Newsletter

Volume 10 : No 1 : March 2008

Joanna Muench - Software Engineer: Leaving the DMC

Photo of Joanna Muench

After almost four years with the DMC Software Group, Joanna Muench is leaving for a position within the UW Department of Medicine. She will be developing software with the newly formed Biomedical Informatics group, a part of the Institute of Translational Health Sciences ( The primary aim of her team is to give investigators the appropriate tools to manage and interpret complex data, and to allow data to be shared among participating groups. Her experience with IRIS and its role in the emerging field of geoinformatics is an excellent background for this exciting opportunity.

During her tenure at IRIS, Joanna worked on the SCEC Community Modeling Environment, the GeoWS group and, more recently, has been instrumental in moving our software forward towards a service-oriented architecture, including development on the EarthScope Portal. She has attended several workshops and meetings, presenting this new IRIS approach to the seismologic community. Joanna has greatly enjoyed the opportunity to work at IRIS and with the members of the IRIS community. She will be staying in touch with the many friends she made in her years at IRIS, sharing updates both from the world of bioinformatics and her family adventures.

by Joanna Muench (IRIS Data Management Center)

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