Data Services Newsletter

Volume 10 : No 2 : June 2008

New IRIS Website

Providing easy access to seismology information

New IRIS homepage
Figure 1: The new IRIS website landing page.

A new IRIS website was launched on May 27th – prior to the 2008 IRIS Workshop. The website represents a significant step for IRIS in our effort to better serve the seismology community, educators, and the public.

Major goals of this project include: provide easier navigation, highlight lesser-known IRIS activities and raise awareness of the many ways in which seismic data can be accessed. The project was started in October 2007 and involved representatives from all of the IRIS programs.

The website has been redesigned and upgraded to help you discover content more readily. We have restructured the website to take advantage of new web technologies and added a lot of new content.

We have made every effort to ensure that the new site is easy to navigate and that no information from the old site was lost. While some pages on the website have moved, much of the structure, especially at the lower levels, will remain familiar to frequent users.

Photo gallery
Figure 2: Screenshot of the new photo gallery.

New Features

  • Easy navigation
  • Quick Links
  • Calendar
  • Photo Gallery
  • New search engine
  • Audience pages
  • Expanded news section
  • RSS feeds of bulletin items
  • PASSCAL Experiments
  • EarthScope / USArray Status
  • Recent Earthquakes – Updated from NEIC listings automatically
  • Staff Directory with photos

Please take a time to familiarize yourself with our website’s new look, navigation, and organization. If you do not find what you are looking for, please try the search capability.

IRIS Programs
Figure 3: IRIS Programs are clearly displayed on the IRIS homepage.

IRIS DMC Homepage

New IRIS DMC homepage
Figure 4: The new IRIS DMC homepage

The IRIS DMC has a new homepage that features seismology data, software, manuals, tutorials and information. The DMC pages retain the general “look and feel” of the IRIS corporate website. Additional elements of the DMC pages include a color banner with seismogram and the Data Management Center title. On the right side, there are two additional dark purple tabs for DMC information and Services. The lighter purple tabs retain the same navigation as the corporate website. The left side navigation is unique for each section of the website.

Short URLs

The URLs have be simplified for many of the web tools to provide easy access for researchers. For example, to go to MDA the path is and to go the WILBER you can enter:

Software downloads page
Figure 5: The IRIS DMC software downloads page


Click the Data tab to access Seismograms, Event Data, Metadata, Historical Data and Products from the IRIS DMC.


Previously, the website had a long list of software and manuals on one page – making hard to find the right software to use. Now, the software is organized into logical categories on the left side navigation (click on the Software tab to go to this page).

The Software page also features new software releases and tutorials.

Click on Downloads and you will find DHI Clients, Plotting & Display Programs, SEED Tools, and other software.

DMC Quick Links

Use the DMC Quick Links dropdown menu to access our online resources including BUD, Bulkmail, Forms, SeismiQuery and Workshops.

DMC Web Transition

Note that there are several web pages that have the old navigation header and footer. The links on these old pages will redirect to the corresponding pages on the new website. Many of the old pages are being revised before they are posted on the new website.

IRIS staff will continue to update and expand the website to add new features and content. We welcome your suggestions to help improve the website. Click the link at the bottom of each webpage for sending us feedback, complaints or kudos.


by Tim Knight (IRIS Data Management Center)

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