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Volume 11 : No 3 : Fall 2009

Teachable Moments

The Education and Outreach Program is developing PowerPoint slide presentations based on recent earthquakes. Teachers can download the PowerPoint file to use in classroom presentations. Some of the slides include animations and movies to illustrate the event.

For details, visit: Teachable Moments

Example: October 7, 2009 Magnitude 7.8 Vanuatu

Download a zipped file of 8 powerpoint slides about Wednesday’s earthquakes in Vanuatu. Feel free to choose the slides that best compliment your teaching. This powerpoint includes a flash animation.

Fonts and layout may need to be adjusted prior to use.

Please note, content may change as this product is being produced in real-time.

We hope to offer more teachable moments, and are interested in your feedback and experience!

Created by Tammy Bravo, IRIS Education and Outreach

Vanuatu Teachable Moment
Figure 1: Example of a teachable moment: October 7, 2009 M7.8 Vanuatu

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Teachable Moments

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