Data Services Newsletter

Volume 12 : No 3 : Winter 2010

Inge Watson - Senior Systems Administrator

I recently joined the Systems Administration team here at the DMC. Before coming here, I worked at the Cobalt Group harnessing hundreds of computers to sell cars to unsuspecting consumers. I’ve also worked at Go2Net/InfoSpace, and VoiceStream Wireless as a Systems Engineer, DBA, Applications Support Specialist and Technical Advisor.

In the distant past (but still post-Cambrian), I got my Master’s degree in Geology with a specialization in Geophysics (paleomagnetics) and my Bachelor’s degree in Physics; I guess that still makes me a geek.

When I’m not telling computers to behave, I like to photograph most things nature related, especially creatures in their natural environment. I am headed to Antarctica in a few weeks to spend some time photographing whales and penguins.

Inge Watson Senior Systems Administrator

by Inge Watson (IRIS Data Management Center)

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