Data Services Newsletter

Volume 12 : No 3 : Winter 2010

New Networks at the DMC

Eastern Caribbean Seismograph Network

TR Network from Puerto Rico:

Only 4 stations from TR are in real-time at this point.

Screenshot of the TR Network from Puerto Rico

Idaho National Engineering Laboratory

IE Network from Idaho:

IE metadata became available 4th quarter of 2010 that enabled the archiving of data that was being collected since 2002. We thank the INL operators for help with making these data
available. Read more about the INL Seismic Monitoring Program

Screenshot of IE Network from Idaho

Neptune Canada

NV Network from Canada:

Part of the offshore cable project. Visit the web page at

Screenshot of NV Network from Canada

New Caledonia Broadband Seismic Network

ND Network from New Caledonia and Fiji and Pierre Lebellagard:

Screenshot of ND Network from New Caledonia and Fiji

Nicaraguan Seismic Network

NU Network from Nicaragua:

Screenshot of NU Network from Nicaragua

Northern Mariana Islands Seismograph Network

MI Network from AVO in Alaska:

Screenshot of MI Network from AVO in Alaska

Portable Observatories for Lithospheric Analysis and Research Investigating Seismicity

The Polaris project in Ontario (Great Lakes):

Screenshot of the PO Network in Ontario

Seismic Network of the Northeastern Mexico

MG Network:

Screenshot of MG Network from NE Mexico

Tajikistan National Seismic Network

TJ Network from Tajikistan:

Screenshot of the TJ Network in Tajikistan

by Rick Benson and Tim Knight (IRIS Data Management Center)

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