Data Services Newsletter

Volume 13 : No 1 : Spring 2011

Historical Seismograms Online

Scans of the Caltech Archive

We are pleased to announce that scanned images of historical seismograms from the Caltech archive are now publically available online at IRIS at:

This repository of images includes major historical global events as well as local records of the 1920’s and 1930’s. The images can be browsed in thumbnail size or downloaded for digitization at full resolution. Fuller documentation is available on the IRIS site. Please enjoy!

This scanning project was a collaboration with UC Santa Cruz and Google as part of the Google books project. Many thanks to the IRIS staff and Google collaborators who made this possible.

Read More (PDF version)

Go to the Caltech Archive

Scanned seismogram
Figure 1: Example of a scanned seismogram

Scanned seismogram label
Figure 2: Example of a scanned seismogram label

by Emily Brodsky (UC Santa Cruz) and Tim Knight (IRIS Data Management Center)

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