Data Services Newsletter

Volume 24 : No 1 : Spring 2022

New Data: Spring 2022

This article highlights the availability of new sensor data from networks that have submitted data to IRIS Data Services during January-April 2022. Note that the actual data from these may not have been collected during 2022, just that they became available for the first time during this time period. Newly collected data can remain restricted as defined by the data restriction policy.

1H (2021-2022): Thwaites Interdisciplinary Margin Evolution (TIME) Small Node Network

6K (2014-2015) Otago temporary broadband network

8P (2019-2022) NASA Magnetotelluric Transportable Array

XC (2015) Florida Magnetotelluric Time Series

XG (2021-2022) Two-station Seismic Noise and Signal Site Survey in Uzbekistan

XH (2021) Fagradalsfjall Acoustics

XS (2022) Pinos channel rock drop and rolling experiment

YB (2017) Yosemite Valley Deep Refraction Microtremor

YK (2022) Large High-Performance Outdoor Shake Table Upgrade Project – Characterization Tests

YM (2022) Recording signals from the Reser stadium implosion for site response and structure at the western edge of the Willamette Valley

Z7 (2017) Kansas and Nebraska Magnetotelluric Time Series

ZP (2003) Shear-Velocity Profile Along the San Gabriel River, Southern CA

ZV (2021) Insights into the subsurface architecture of the Monahans Dune Field with active & passive source seismology and microgravity

ZS (2015-2016) Quantifying Egs Reservoir Complexity With An Integrated Geophysical Approach And Improved Resolution Ambient Seismic Noise Inter

by Gillian Sharer (IRIS Data Management Center)

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