Data Services Newsletter

Volume 3 : No 2 : June 2001


The new version of our very popular waveform browsing and request tool is finally ready to be tested in prime-time! Until we get all of the event products built (see our last WILBER II article for details), we will be offering users the choice of using the original WILBER or the new WILBER II interface. If you would like a few pointers about using WILBERII, view the new help pages.

Features comparison between WILBER versions

  • GSN station data only
  • Event products is made up of static files
  • Uses HTML frames format
  • Limited output options
  • More accurate global map for event selection
  • Select events distant from a point
  • No more Frames!
  • Event Products are dynamic (i.e. data set is created on-the-fly so you get absolutely everything available at the time of your request.) New waveforms are added as they arrive at the DMC.
  • Data from ALL available networks (*Note:* at this time, WILBER II only has data from 1990- 1999 with the non-GSN networks for 1999 not yet complete.)
  • Display of responding stations can be sorted by distance, network or station code
  • More output options
  • E-mail notification of data request completion

More information

Access the new version of WILBER
The recent DMS Newsletter article on WILBER

by Deborah Barnes (IRIS Data Management Center)

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