Data Services Newsletter

Volume 5 : No 1 : January 2003

News From IDA

MK7 Data processing

The IDA DCC recently completed reprocessing of a subset of IRIS/IDA GSN data to correct a fault introduced by the MK7 data logger’s DSP software. Please see the September 2002 DMS Newsletter for a description of how the problem was managed. We owe special thanks to Jui-Yuan Chang of IDA and Anh Ngo of the DMC who have labored very hard to complete this task. All data now entering the IDA DCC from effected data loggers are corrected before being forwarded to the DMC and the IRIS community. IDA is addressing the source of the problem in situ by replacing firmware in MK7 data loggers still in the field. Corrected firmware is in place and operating at 21 of 34 sites requiring repair.


There is now a satellite link connecting station RPN (Easter Island, Chile) to the NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and from there to public Internet. This was made possible by a team effort involving IDA, IRIS, ASL, UNAVCO, JPL, and the University of Chile. Both IDA and UNAVCO will be transmitting data over this satellite link. IDA is working with the Australian National University to establish a similar circuit to station WRAB (Warramunga, Australia). When complete, this will replace one of the last remaining dialup connections in IDA’s telemetry topology.

Web information

IDA personnel are updating the IDA web page to include more information of interest to the community. A page describing the various sensors at IRIS/IDA stations is now at

by Pete Davis (IRIS/IDA)

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