Data Services Newsletter

Volume 6 : No 3 : December 2004

Seamless Access to Distributed Data Centers

IRIS makes seamless data access a reality with new versions of JWeed and VASE programs. A new feature of the these programs allows scientists to access multiple data centers including IRIS, Cal Tech, UC Berkeley, and University of South Carolina. Using JWeed a person can obtain waveforms from any institution which has implemented DHI servers.

JWEED enables the user to select events and stations and then download the data to their computer. It is an updated version of the old Weed, with many added features, including multiple connections to a growing number of DHI server sites, use of a world map to allow for a visual method of event and station selection, download capability to your computer in either SAC or miniSEED formats and other features.

Screenshot of JWEED servers
Figure 1: Screenshot of JWEED server access

Screenshot of JWEED waves
Figure 2: Screenshot of JWEED waveforms

As a Java program, it is available for the Mac, Linux, Sun or PC computers.

Download a copy of JWEED

by Chris Laughbon (IRIS Data Management Center)

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