Data Services Newsletter

Volume 7 : No 1 : March 2005

SOSA Application Released


We are pleased to announce the release of a new software tool for researchers on the SCEC/CME project with the release of SOSA Version 1.0. SOSA is available for download from the IRIS SOSA web site:

The SOSA application (Synthetic and Observed Seismogram Analysis) combines the common tasks of retrieving observed and synthetic seismograms and applying analysis routines into a single software application. The tool enables researchers to retrieve observed seismograms accessible through a DHI (Data Handling Interface) and seismograms saved locally or accessible through an SRB (Storage Resource Broker). Seismograms retrieved from any source can be processed together, allowing easy comparison between synthetics and observed seismograms. Built-in processing abilities are re-sampling, tapering, filtering, rotation, convolution with instrument response and correlation between seismograms; web services provide access to other processes. Scientists may save seismograms into SAC or mSEED format. Saved seismograms include associated metadata that details the source(s) of the seismogram and history of processing.

As a beta release, this product is not without flaws. Our testing has not revealed any serious problems, however we are hoping that our beta users will provide feedback so we can make this a truly useful tool for the community. We welcome bug reports, functionality requests and general comments. For the quickest response, please contact us. Also note SOSA does include a User’s Guide and Tutorial available online and also in the docs folder within the install directory.

Download SOSA

by Joanna Muench (IRIS Data Management Center)

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