The Data Management Center is located at:

9706 4th Ave, Suite 303
Seattle, Washington, 98115
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The Data Management Center is a state-of-the-art data center located in Seattle, Washington. We have over twenty full-time staff members dedicated to ensuring the highest quality seismic data is readily available to scientists around the globe.

The DMC data storage operates on a Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform with 1.2PB of usable disk. We discontinued the use of tape for near-line storage in 2009.

The DMC mostly works in a VMware ESXi virtual machine environment. The advantages for this setup include:

  • Lower power usage
  • More effective crash recovery
  • Ease of maintainence
  • Greater ability to tune
  • Greater ability to scale

We welcome visitors, and commonly host scientists for collaborative work from within the United States and from member institutions around the globe.

DMC Physical Systems
DMC Software Stack
ADC1 Physical Systems
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