Software Downloads – evalresp v. 4.0.6 – Revision history

Version 4.0.6 — 08-Oct-2015

  • ADDED: allows autotools to easily
    detect the x2r library (with AC_CHECK_LIB), and it contains a #define that
    lets code recognise that the new version supports XML (#define EVRESP_XML).

Version 4.0.5 — 09-Sep-2015

  • MODIFIED: Added -x flag back; removed auto-detetcion of XML (cannot guarantee that rewind/fseek works on all streams in C).

Version 4.0.4 — 07-Sep-2015 Andrew Cooke (

  • MODIFIED: Documentation, removing mention of -x flag.
  • MODIFIED: File reset during auto-detection (from rewind to fseek) in the hope of working better on OSX.

Version 4.0.3 — 27-Jul-2015 Andrew Cooke (

* REMOVED: -x flag. Station.xml files are now detected automatically (by checking if the first non-blank character is “<”). * FIXED: Small bug in reallocation of command line arg while addressing compiler warnings from -Wunused-but-set-variable. * MODIFIED: Handling of stages with “no data”. Now accepted, as they may still have decimation and channel gain. * MODIFIED: Handling of location ID ‘??’ which is now equivalent to ‘*’.

Version 4.0.2 — 01-Jun-2015 Andrew Cooke (

  • FIXED: Compiler error on OSX.

Version 4.0.1 — 22-May-2015 Andrew Cooke (

  • MODIFIED: Fortran demo (fix passing of double array).

Version 4.0.0 — 22-May-2015 Andrew Cooke (

  • ADDED: Support for station.xml files (evalresp -x). All high level functions take an additional flag indicating whether this is set. NOTE: this implies a new dependency on libxml2.
  • ADDED: The xml2resp command to convert from station.xml to response format (and man page), based on IRIS-WS output.
  • ADDED: Tests (configure —enable-check; make check).
  • ADDED: Continuous integration at
  • ADDED: Support for COUNT units (as well as COUNTS).
  • ADDED: Installation of man pages.
  • MODIFIED: Fortran demo and associated code (works; now Fortran 95).
  • MODIFIED: Source: removed tabs; standardised indents; fixed warnings
  • MODIFIED: Documentation and directory layout (autoreconf, multiple directories).
  • MODIFIED: To build with latest Windows environment.
  • REMOVED: Borland support.

Version 3.3.4 — 09-Oct-2013 Ilya Dricker (

  • ADDED: processing of blockette 62 (which requires input parameter -b62_x)
  • MODIFIED: Redefined processing of DECIMATION as correction applied minus calculated delay
  • MODIFIED: Redifined processing of DECIMATION with —use-estimated-delay as estimated delay
  • FIXED: Reverted back to version 2.3.25 the code in function fir_asym_trans()
  • ADDED: support of temperature units in centigrades C 30-May-2013 Ilya Dricker (
  • FIXED: get_names() to properly process cases with the environmental variable SEEDRESP set

Release version 3.3.3 (27-Apr-2010) Ilya Dricker (

  • FIXED: bug which prevented using evalresp with -stdio flag
  • MODFIED: Unwrapping now starts casual: first phase value is within (0:360) degree

Release version 3.3.2 (12-Feb-2010) Ilya Dricker (

  • MODIFIED: get_names() to properly parse file names: did not work under Mac OSX: done by Chad
  • MOVED: to evalresp.1
  • MOVED: What’s New section of evalresp.1 to ChangeLog file
  • MODIFIED: printing a warning when using a negative delay
  • MODIFIED: evalresp man pages
  • REMOVED: evresp_adjust_phase() for fap and ap cases
  • RENAMED: parse_line() to ev_parse_line() to avoid naming conflict
  • MODIFIED: searching for RESP files now uses system glob().

Release version 3.3.1 (29-Jan-2010) Ilya Dricker (

  • NEW: Added a fap response type with the -r option (in addition to the ap and cs types) to write out frequency-amplitude-phase triplets. The resulting file names are in the form: FAP.Net.Sta.Loc.Chan. The phase is always unwrapped in this output. Essentially this is just a re-packaging of the amplitude-phase output into a single, three-column file with unwrapped phase.
  • NEW: Added run-time option (-unwrap) to unwrap the output phase in addition to the previous compile-time option.
  • NEW: Added option (-ts ?) to use the stage 0 total sensitivity instead of product of the stage gains. The idea is that this can be used in combination with the -stage option to provide a full scale response, i.e. just stage 1 (the sensor) with a correct system gain (which is exact what SAC Poles and Zeros do).
  • NEW: Included checks for likely incorrect (negative) delay values; in case such delays are found evalresp prints a warning.
  • FIXED: Cleaned improper checks for IIR_PZ blockette types in calc_fctns.c and resp_fctns.c.
  • FIXED: Fixed search for matching RESP files, name search did not seem to use location ID.
  • FIXED: Documented the SEED requirements regarding the order of the FIR coefficients and the sign of the delay (see section below).

Release version 3.3.0 (18-May-2009) Ilya Dricker (

  • MODIFIED: This version modifies the way evalresp deals with the delays in FIR stages. Note that -use-delay option becomes obsolete in this version. Now the following rules are applied for adding delays to the FIR stages:
    • 1: Calculation of the response for a symmetrical FIR filter ignores the delay value in the RESP;
    • 2: Calculation of the response for an asymmetrical FIR filter uses the correction applied field of the RESP by default and estimated delay field on user request (a user should use an option -use-estimated-delay to switch this option on). This version has been tested to work on 64-bit processors.

Release version 3.2.41 (29-Apr-2009) Ilya Dricker (

  • MODIFIED: processing of delays in FIR stages. Now the following rules are applied for adding delays to the FIR stages:
    • 1) Calculation of the response for a symmetrical FIR filter ignores the delay value in the RESP;
    • 2) Calculation of the response for an asymmetrical FIR filter uses the correction applied field of the RESP by default and estimated delay field on user request (a user should use an option -use-estimated-delay to switch this option on).

Release version 3.2.40 (20-Jun-2008) Ilya Dricker (

  • FIXED: bug in computation time limits 25-Sep-2007 Ilya Dricker (
  • REMOVED: 2 return statements in eversp which break LIB_MODE logic

Release version 3.2.39 (12-Jul-2007) Ilya Dricker (

*REMOVED: -g and -Wall hardcoded flags from Made then configurable options.

Release version 3.2.38 (04-Mar-2007) Ilya Dricker (

  • ADDED: new configure option --enable-log-label. When evalresp is configured with this option, most of log messages are being prepended by a label. A label consists of [Net.Sta.Loc.Chan]. 27-Feb-2007 Ilya Dricker (
  • ADDED: Return (#ifdef LIB_MODE) if input file is not found. 01-Feb-2007 Ilya Dricker (
  • FIXED: Bug pointed by <> : use
else if(!strcmp(argv[i], "-u"))

instead of just

if in evalresp.c:141

08-Nov-2006 Ilya Dricker (

  • NEW: Libtoolized evresp library: using libtool instead of ranlib. Now a builder can create dynamic library, not only static

Release version 3.2.37 (16-Oct-2006) Eric Thomas (

  • ADDED: two more ‘free()’ calls to “evresp.c” to fix memory leaks when program functions are used in external applications.

Release version 3.2.36 (21-Aug-2006) Ilya Dricker (

  • Modified to support Tesla (“T”) units.

Release version 3.2.35 (4-Apr-2006) Eric Thomas (

  • MODIFIED: to support channel-IDs with location codes equal to an empty string.

Release version 3.2.34 (28-Mar-2006) Eric Thomas (

  • ADDED: free() calls to evresp.c to fix memory leaks when program functions used in external applications.

Release version 3.2.33 (27-Mar-2006) Ilya Dricker (

  • Added include_HEADERS target evr_spline.h to
  • UPGRADED: missing script.

Release version 3.2.32 (13-Feb-2006) Eric Thomas (

  • MOVED: use_delay() function from evalresp.c to evresp.c.
  • MODIFIED: to close input file when a single response file is specified.

Release version 3.2.31 (19-Jan-2006) Eric Thomas (

  • RENAMED: regexp functions to prevent name clashes with other libraries.
  • RESTORED: depcomp script in distribution.

Release version 3.2.30 (3-Nov-2005) Eric Thomas (

  • MODIFIED: to unwrap phase values before interpolation and re-wrap after (if needed).
  • MODIFIED: to detect when all requested interpolated frequencies are out of range.

Release version 3.2.29 (21-Oct-2005) Eric Thomas (

  • IMPLEMENTED: interpolation of amplitude/phase values from responses containing List blockettes (55).
  • MODIFIED: message shown when List blockette encountered.
  • MODIFIED: so as not to require characters after units specifiers like M and COUNTS.
  • MODIFIED: to handle case where file contains B052F03 Location and nothing after it on line.
  • ADDED: warnings for unrecognized parameters.
  • FIXED: issue where program would crash under Linux/UNIX segmentation fault if input response file contained Windows-style CR/LF line ends.

Release version 3.2.28 (2-Aug-2005) Eric Thomas (

  • MODIFIED: to allow command-line parameters for frequency values to be missing (default values used).

Release version 3.2.27 (1-Mar-2005) Ilya Dricker(

  • ADDED: -add-delay command line option

Release version 3.2.26 (20-Oct-2004) Ilya Dricker (

  • NEW: Now evalresp runs on Mac OS X

Release version 3.2.25 (20-Jul-2005) Ilya Dricker (

  • Finally, we started ChangeLog
  • FIXED: Processing of B55 + GAIN stage is now allowed
  • ADDED: config.h to the source code and AM_CONFIG_HEADER to

Release version 3.2.24 ??? Ilya Dricker (

  • ADDED: two configuration options (--enable-delay, Use estimated delay in phase computation) and (--enable-phase-unwrap, Unwrap phase).

Release version 3.2.23 ??? Ilya Dricker (

  • ADDED: support for SHAPE compatible RESP files. When parsing lines that are valid RESP format, but unexpected, evalresp now skips to the next line. Added support for blank lines within and at the end of a RESP file.

Release version 3.2.21 ??? Ilya Dricker (

  • NEW: Allows a user to compile and run evalresp on WIN32 platform.
  • FIXED: A bug in pole-zero representations for digital stages has been fixed.
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