Software Downloads – evalresp v. 5.0.0


Evaluate response information and output to ASCII files using RESP files and StationXML files


evalresp can be used to calculate either the complex spectral response or the frequency-amplitude-phase response for a specified station or set of stations, channel or channels, and network, for a specified date, time and frequency, using the SEED ASCII response (RESP) files or the new StationXML format as produced by the FDSN Station Web Service.

The major changes in this release (since 3.3.3):

  • Improved support for StationXML metadata files (initially offered in v4.0.6)
  • An improved C API for embedded use in other applications
  • Continued support of Blockette 62 (Polynomial) responses (initially in v3.3.4)
  • Improved Makefiles, build process, and documentation.
  • Replaced GPL-licensed spline code with LGPL equivalent

evalresp is now being released and maintained on github. Please refer to the main project page for source code and to file issues and pull requests.


SEED Readers , SEED Response Evaluation Tools , SEED Tools

External Developers

  • Andrew Cooke, Instrumental Software Technologies, Inc (ISTI)
  • Ilya Dricker, Instrumental Software Technologies, Inc (ISTI)
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