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The purpose of Portable Data Collection Center (PDCC) is to enable seismic network operators to describe and maintain their instrument metadata in SEED format. Version 3.8 introduces an updated Station Clone Tool that allows the user to create new stations and modify critical differentiating fields in a simple tabular entry form. Blockettes are also represented in a more human-readable form. Other minor enhancements are also included.

This minor update to PDCC 3.8 fixes a bug with sorting Blockette 59 (Channel comments).


The IRIS DMC has released version 3.8 of its Portable Data Collection Center software (PDCC), which enables seismic network operators to describe, maintain, and exchange their instrument metadata using the FDSN SEED format.

PDCC is designed to make the process of creating metadata descriptions easy. The tool consists of a main editor window for reading, viewing, editing, and writing SEED metadata files by providing specialized tools that facilitate the construction of station metadata entries. PDCC represents a continued effort by IRIS to support the seismological community with tools to enable data collection and research.

All that is required to run PDCC is a recent version of a Java virtual machine (JVM). Java 7 is the minimum recommended version, but Java 8 is recommended.

Features in PDCC include:

  • input and output of dataless SEED files and RESP files
  • the ability to create new station and channel entries using a handy Station Wizard
  • duplication of stations and channels for creating new entries of similar instruments
  • creation of response coefficients from a catalog of manufacturer specifications using NRL Tool
  • creation and editing of response coefficients from columnar text files
  • automatic sorting of blockettes from the station name down to the response stages

Why is there also PDCC 3.0 for download?

PDCC 3.0 is built on an older code base that is not as stable in many respects, but it does offer a few features not re-integrated into PDCC 3.8:

  • MySQL database support
  • Waveform record support
  • SAC output

If the listed functionality is needed, consider using version 3.0 for the time being. You could even use the tool in tandem with version 3.8 by exchanging dataless SEED between the two tools.



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