Software Downloads – rdseed v. 5.3.1-eol – Revision history

Release version 5.3.1 End Of Life (2018-08-15)

Release version 5.3.1 (2012-10-03)

  • Moved AH output back from doubles to floats as most AH processing programs do not support doubles.
  • Memory leak when processing with summary files.
  • Added in Event Directory processing when a summary file is selected via the command line. Made consistent with the interactive mode.
  • Added the network, station, channel and location to the error message if there was a bad steim 1, 2 decompression problem.

Release version 5.3 (2012-09-01)

  • Original quality code preserved for miniseed output
  • Upgrades to support JWEEDv4.0’s new summary file processing.
  • Bug fix if meta-data is lacking responses
  • Simple ASCII text output’s month was off by 1, as it started with jan = 0
  • Modification made to allow rdseed’s process_data() to only display one error/warning per timespan. Previous to this, every data record would result in a message.
  • Modifications to CSS output files.
  • Eliminated duplicate stations in network file.
  • Added station and channel end times (rdseed.sitechan)
  • Column EDEPTH changed from meters to Km (sitechan)
  • Added in channel id to sitechan file
  • Instead of channel code, made it a combination channel/location code (sitechan) so it matches wfdisc
  • Number of samples limited to maximum as defined in the wfdisc table (99999999). Issues a warning to the user that it will break at this number
  • Fix needed for seed volume output, option ‘5’ for large seed volumes requiring a larger logical records size.
  • Fix needed for seed volume output, option ‘5’, when using a dataless seed volume and a mini seed volume. If the resulting seed volume is so large that the logical record needed to be greater than what is in the originating dataless, rdseed needed to be programmed to compute and use the larger logical record size.
  • Fixed bug in ieeefloat decoding.
  • Took out extraneous debug message

Release version 5.2 (2012-02-01)

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a problem with the “poles and zeros” file annotations.
    • There was a date bug in the c date library for when the date was greater than 2038.
    • rdseed failed if seed volume was missing blockette 43
    • Seed volumes with multi-timespans (b70s) weren’t being processed properly.
    • The T option (timeseries) when using x86 and gcc. Missing 1st timeseries.
  • Minor mods to the option prompts for Comments (added [B]oth).
  • Added in some user feedback for RESP, station/event files output.

Release version 5.1 (2011-08-01)

  • Support for Windows PC using CYGWIN (
  • Support for 2 simple ASCII text file formats
  • Now supports double precision floating point data
  • miniSEED output as doubles has been added
  • Enhanced SAC PZ file header annotations, in addition to the annotations included by rdseed version 5.0 the following values have been added:
    • Sample rate
    • Instrument type
    • Instrument gain
    • Sensitivity
  • A0 (normalization factor for poles and zeros)
  • Summary file processing was upgraded to better support the M quality data
  • Error logging is in one file. Only logs when an error happened
  • The SAC header variable SCALE is no longer populated
  • The SAC header variable EVDP, for event depth, is now in units of kilometers, in previous releases this value was in meters.
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