Software Downloads – SeisFile v. 1.6


SeisFile is a library for reading and writing seismic file formats in java. SeisFile is designed to be a library for accessing common seismic file formats and low level protocols. Hence it is meant to be embedded in other applications. However it does include several examples that can be useful in their own right.


Currently support exists for:

  • SAC
  • MiniSEED with limited support for full SEED
  • PSN
  • FDSN Station web service, which returns FDSN StationXML
  • FDSN Event web service, which returns QuakeML
  • FDSN DataSelect web service, which returns miniSEED
  • Geofon SeedLink
  • Earthworm/Winston database
  • Earthworm/Waveserver and ImportGeneric/ExportGeneric
  • IRIS DMC Sync files
  • Guralp GCF format streams

These are low level routines that provide basic connection to the services and basic parsing of the file formats into objects that closely mirror those formats. Hence they are intended to be used as a library rather than an application. The clients, although functional, mainly serve as an example of how to connect to these services. Full SEED support was also not intended. However there are cases of almost miniseed, such as one or two control records before the data records. SeisFile can handle the basic structure of these control records, allowing these mixed files to be read without crashing, but not all blockettes are parsed into fields. Support for the many blockette types in full SEED could be added in the future, although there is a large amount of bookkeeping to implement that and SeisFile was intended to be small and focused.


APIs and Toolkits

External Developers

  • Philip Crotwell, Lithospheric Seismology (LS-USC)
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