List of presentations at Broadband Seismometer Workshop, Lake Tahoe, CA, United States of America

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Time Author Presentation Title
Time Author Presentation Title
Wednesday, March 24, 2004
16:30 Shane Ingate Welcome to Broadband Seismometer Workshop
16:45 Jon Berger The Seismic Spectrum
17:15 Barbara Romanowicz Capturing the “hum” of the Earth on low frequency seismic arrays
17:30 Erhardt Wielandt Design Considerations for Broadband Seismometers
18:45 William Farrell Sensors Developed in the US for Low Frequency Seismology
19:15 Gabi Laske The Needs for/of Low-Frequency Seismology
19:45 Brian Stump Don’t Forget the High Frequencies
20:00 Ian Standley The Business Challenge: Can Industry and Academia survive a VBB/BB Development?
20:30 Cansun Guralp The Manufacturing challenge: Is it a challenge?
22:00 Philippe Lognonné Planetary Seismometers in France (and Switzerland): Development Status and Preliminary Performances
22:10 Yujii Otake Development of a Highly-sensitive/Broad-band Servo-type Seismometers using Magnetic Levitation
22:20 Akiteru Takamori Compact Tiltmeter with Folded Pendulum
22:30 Akito Araya Laser-interferometer application to broadband observations
22:40 Anatoly Baryshnikov Seismic Equipment Development in the RIPT (NIIIT)
22:50 Bruce Banerdt NASA’s Needs for Advanced Broad Band Seismometers
23:15 Stéphane Cacho Broadband Seismometer CHRONOS
23:20 Riccardo DeSalvo Gravity Wave Detectors
23:25 Josef Frisch Seismometer Development for the 1TeV Linear Collider
23:30 Thomas Kenny An Affordable Broadband Seismometer: The Capacitive Geophone
23:35 Robert Schendel Description and characteristics of the TX53G1 high performance geophone
23:40 Neil Spriggs Nanometrics at the Broadband Seismic Sensor Workshop
23:45 Ian Standley Silicon Micro-Seismometer Feasibility
Thursday, March 25, 2004
21:30 Romanowicz/Davis Breakout Group 1: Requirements, Needs, and Wants
21:40 Zumberge/Collins Breakout Group 2: New Ideas, Concepts, and Designs
21:50 Followill/Hutt Breakout Group 3: Testing and Testing Facilities
22:00 Farrell/Stump Breakout Group 4: Academic/Industrial Partnerships
22:10 Sacks/Laske/Langston Breakout Group 5: Educational Perspectives and Funding Strategies
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