Thread: SAC update and a second listserv

Started: 2005-09-13 21:16:33
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Arthur Snoke
2005-09-13 21:16:33
To facilitate SAC development IRIS has set up a second listserv. To
subscribe to it, go to

Some news:

1. After I upgraded my mac to 10.4.2, I built sac successfully using gcc
4.0.0. However, when Brian Savage tried to run my set of binaries on his
10.3.9 machine, he got library errors. For now, OS X binaries to be
shared will have to be built on a 10.3.9 machine.

2. I am upgrading my sun from solaris 2.9 to 2.10. The hard drive died, so
that has not happened yet. But before it died, our Unix guru succeeded in
building sac from sources on that machine. But he still had to use GNU gmake
and GNU install.

Arthur Snoke

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