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Started: 2014-11-17 23:40:21
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Arthur Snoke
2014-11-17 23:40:21
IRIS has changed their URLs, so some of the addresses used in the SAC README file and the SAC manual are no longer going to work. Accordingly, we have updated the HTML and PDF SAC manuals. The URL for the manual that is up to date is

A quick summary of the changes can be seen from an updated paragraph in the README file:

* If you need help ...
1. If you have SAC working, use the help command from within SAC. You can
print hard-copies of the help files using printhelp. HTML versions of the
help files can be found at
Also, a link from that site takes you to a single-file version of the manual
in which the search command and links from the side-bar table of contents
allow one to navigate the manual efficiently.
2. Some features of SAC are described in the CHANGES file in this directory,
and changes in new versions are summarized in HISTORY.
3. URL has links
to other resources and information about updates.
4. A place to share problems and find solutions is the sac-help llistserv:
<sac-help<at>>. You must be a subscriber
to post to this listserv. For further information, go to
You do not have to be a subscriber to access the list archives.
5. Beginning in Spring 2013, IRIS has set up a SAC project in their SeisCode
A section in this project is a Wiki that includes a Tutorial and a
set of Examples.


We took advantage of this need for an update to change wording in a few HELP files to deal with questions raised in postings to sac-help in the past year. Included are transfer, cut, cutim, evaluate, rotate, saclib, tutorial, inline, intro, and input-output. None of these are major. Some of these are just URLs, and none of them are major. If one downloaded v101.6a today, all files are unchanged from when it was released November 2013.

Arthur and Brian

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