Thread: Beta release of ws-sacpz service

Started: 2011-07-22 16:46:05
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Chad Trabant
2011-07-22 16:46:05

Hello web service users,

A beta release of the next revision of the DMC's ws-sacpz service includes the following changes:

- New style of annotations as comments for each set of poles and zeros returned. These annotations identify the time series associated with the response and include some other basic metadata. The DMC intends to match this SAC PZ output in the next release of rdseed.

- Correctly match annotations to channel in corner cases, in a few cases the information included was not for the appropriate channel/time.

Users of this service are encourage to test the new revision here:

If no serious issues are identified in 1 week we will move this version into production. All feedback is welcome.

the web services team

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