Thread: Question re. TA data via TimeSeries URL Builder

Started: 2011-08-02 01:22:04
Last activity: 2011-08-02 01:51:27
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John Jasbinsek
2011-08-02 01:22:04
I tried to make a query with the TimeSeries URL Builder ( for TA data from an even in 2007.
I have previously downloaded SEED and SAC files for this event at over 300
stations, but wanted to check out the TimeSeries Builder tool.

the timeseries builder created this query for me:

I was surprised to get a message that no data exists:

HTTP Error 404: Not Found

The Timeseries webservice was unable to find any data for your request: No
data found


Is there a past time limit on TA data available through the TimeSeries
Builder? I could not find any indication of this on the IRIS website.

Thank you,

04:47:07 v.01697673