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Started: 2012-04-10 17:47:24
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Celso Reyes
2012-04-10 17:47:24
The DMC is pleased to announce the new IRIS Java Web Service Library (IRIS-WS Library). This Java API allows you to access DMC data directly from within your programs. It constructs web service calls based on criteria you define, and then accesses the services behind the scenes. Information is retrieved as java objects that are available for immediate manipulation, bypassing traditional “save to disk, reload into my program, and then parse the data format” steps. No knowledge of web services or internal DMC formats (SEED or XML) is needed to access data using the Library.

The Library provides access to and classes for fundamental data types:
Station metadata (via the ws-station service)
Waveform/time series data (via the ws-bulkdataselect service )
Event information (via the ws-event service)
Trace data, which combines time-series data with its station metadata.

To learn more about the IRIS-WS Library, see examples, and download the current version, please visit

BETA IRS-WS Library users: This release of the Library has been updated to address compatibility issues with the new ws-station (version 1.3.3.), with a new stationXML schema. Please download the latest library release, the BETA version will no longer function correctly. The library’s programming interfaces are backward compatible, though, making this release a drop in replacement. For a complete list of changes, please visit the revision list:

Another email will follow, describing how to access data directly from within MATLAB, using the IRIS-WS Library.

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