Thread: Release of fdsnws-event service version 1.0.3

Started: 2013-05-08 00:17:39
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Celso Reyes
2013-05-08 00:17:39
Hello web service users,

The DMC has released an update to our fdsnws-event service ( This release also includes many changes to the internal workings of the service. Here is a list of some important updates:

* The service now returns a hybrid result when a catalog is not specified. By default, the service returns events from the ISC catalog. The NEIC PDE catalog is used to return events that are too recent to appear in the ISC catalog.

* If an invalid catalog is specified, then the service returns an error with HTTP code 400. Previously, this would not cause an error, but the results would be empty (HTTP code 204).

* QuakeML depth estimates are provided in meters (this was previously returned as kilometers). To conform to the schema, a recent release changed origin depth estimates to meters for QuakeML results. Depth values in both text results and selection parameters continue to be in kilometers.

* The offset parameter has been changed so that it correctly conforms to the FDSN specifications where offset=1 starts with the first item of the list.

IRIS DMC Web Services Team
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